Blurred screenshot of TAA platform

TAA Releases Campaign Platform

“We, the members of the TAA, call on university administrators to enact the changes enumerated below and declare our readiness to act in defense of our learning and working communities.”   The TAA has released its campaign platform, putting forth a vision for a public university that the students and workers of the University of…

People standing and talking at the Shared Governance Celebration. One has a red TAA shirt.

University Workers Emphasize Importance of Shared Governance

A coalition of graduate workers and University Faculty and Academic Staff (UFAS) members interrupted a reception celebrating shared governance on Wednesday, shining light on how workers are shut out of university decision-making processes. “We are never seriously consulted about things like fees, pay, increased resources for diversity and inclusion workers, and benefits,” sociology graduate student…


Grad Workers Wear #RedForEd on Wednesdays

Red for Ed Graduate workers at UW–Madison are wearing Red for Ed every Wednesday this October as we fight for a more just, inclusive, and accessible university. Wearing red is a show of solidarity with graduate assistants across campus and education workers across the country trying to make publicly-funded education a reality. Red for Ed…

Workers in TAA shirts holding signs and TAA flag at rally

Mandatory Fees Due Dec. 6

Graduate workers at UW-Madison have received automated emails containing inaccurate due dates for mandatory fees. Mandatory fees, including segregated fees and international student fees, are due on the first Friday after the third paycheck for all graduate students with an assistantship.This year, fees are due on December 6th, not in September (as listed in MyUW).…


Graduate School Releases GAPP that Strips Workplace Protections for Graduate Workers and Excludes RAs and SAs.

UW-Madison Graduate School released a set of Graduate Assistant Policies and Procedures (GAPP) on May 14. This document, released at the end of the academic year, strips workplace protections for graduate workers and excludes thousands of research assistants and lecturers. Sign and share this TAA petition today to support graduate workers in our fight for a…