TAA Voter Guide for

the April 2nd 2019 General Election

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TAA Endorsements for Spring 2019 


  • Mayor of Madison – TAA endorses Satya Rhodes-Conway
  • Madison Common Council – No endorsements
  • Madison Metropolitan School District Board – TAA endorses Ali Janae Muldrow and Ananda Mirilli


Process for TAA Endorsements

During the TAA General Membership Meeting (GMM) on Monday, February 4, the TAA Political Education Committee presented their rationale for endorsement, and members will have an opportunity to ask questions about the recommendations. Members had the opportunity to propose alternate endorsements during the meeting. The members at the GMM unanimously approved the motions to endorse Satya Rhodes-Conway, Ali Muldrow, and Ananda Mirilli. Endorsing a candidate allows the TAA to campaign for a candidate and allows PEC to spend their money to support a campaign.


Madison Mayoral Election

The candidate responses to the TAA questionnaire are listed below:

Answers to other questionnaires:

Mayoral candidate debates:


Madison Common Council Alder Elections

The TAA chose not to endorse candidates in the Madison Common Council election. We urge you to review the endorsements of the United Faculty and Academic Staff union and the South Central Federation of Labor.

You can also read candidate responses to questionnaires by the League of Women Voters.


Madison Metropolitan School District Board

The Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) Board is divided into seven at-large seats. Candidates must run to fill a specific seat on the board, however each seat represents the entire school district. Three of these seats are up for election on April 2nd.

  • MMSD, Seat 3
  • MMSD, Seat 4
    • The TAA endorses Ali Janae Muldrow in this election. Ali’s work as the director of GSAFE complements her experience as an educator and an advocate for equitable and just education.  Her platform, which includes  “Arts Everyday” and “United for Public Education,” is indicative of her remarkable political imagination and sense for social justice in education.
  • MMSD, Seat 5
    • The TAA endorses Ananda Mirilli in this election. She is aligned with the TAA’s political platform, including supporting labor organizing rights for educators, supporting public – not private – solutions for education, and ending the racist ERO program.  Ananda’s experience in the YWCA’s restorative justice program and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction make her an exceptional candidate for school board.

You can read candidate responses to questionnaires by the League of Women Voters and Madison Teachers, Inc.

Not going to be in Madison? No problem! Request an absentee ballot from the Madison City Clerk’s Office by following these simple directions .


Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I vote? What’s going to be on my specific ballot?

You can find the answer to all of these questions at My Vote WI. Simply input your legal name and current address and the system will tell you if you’re registered to vote at your current address and where your voting location will be set up on election day. If the next election is within ~20 days you can even view a sample ballot, allowing you to prepare for election day.

What’s the deal with Wisconsin’s Voter ID law?

The 2011 Wisconsin Act 23 is a strict voter photo identification law that requires all voters to present a photo ID every time they vote. “Proof of identity” is not the same as the “proof of residence” required  when you initially register to vote. While what does and does not qualify as a valid photo ID can seem arbitrary and confusing to a first-time voter, there are resources that can help: the City Clerk’s Office offers a list of valid photo IDs that will get you your ballot!

My Wiscard has my name and photo on it. Does it count as a valid photo voter ID?

No. The Wiscard does not meet a number of requirements defined under state statute. However, the university does provide a free voter ID card to any student with a Wiscard. Simply stop by the Wiscard Office in Union South, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. This is among the easiest voter IDs to obtain for those grads lacking a Wisconsin-issued ID or a current passport.

Does my State of Illinois drivers license qualify as a valid photo voter ID?

Unfortunately not. Only licenses and state IDs issued by the State of Wisconsin are considered valid under state statute.

When and where can I register?

“Mail-in” registration closes 20 days before an election to ensure the City Clerk’s Office has enough time to get every registered resident on the books. But don’t worry if you miss this deadline! The State of Wisconsin allows Same Day Registration, meaning any eligible voter can register at your polling place the day of an election. Simply bring valid proof of residence to your polling place and trained election officials will make sure to get you onto the books. The City Clerk’s Office provides an exhaustive list of valid proofs of residence on their website.

If you’d prefer to register ahead of time, then at least 20 days in advance of the next election you can register online at My Vote WI. You can also seek out assistance from a trained City of Madison registration ambassador. Many TAA stewards and members of the Political Education Committee have received this training!

Do I need to re-register every time I move, even if it’s only to a new unit down the hall in the same apartment building?


What is the TAA endorsement process?

The TAA has a rich history of endorsing candidates in local elections as well as referenda. Early during the election period, members of PEC will reach out to candidates of interest in order to learn where they stand on the issues relevant to both graduate workers and our community. The responses received are used by the committee to make informed recommendations to the general membership for formal endorsement by the union as a whole. Once they’ve received a TAA endorsement, candidates enjoy publicity and a push by PEC to get out the vote.


Voting Resources in Madison


Register to Vote: You can find information about registering to vote at the Wisconsin Elections Commission MyVote site.


Early Voting on Campus: On campus voting will be held between February 11-14, at the following times and places:

  • Union South from 2pm to 6pm
  • Memorial Union from 2pm to 6pm
  • Student Activity Center, Caucus Room from 10am to 2pm


Early Voting Locations Throughout Madison: The City of Madison maintains early voting locations throughout the community, including public libraries. Most locations are open for early voting through February 16th.


Vote Absentee: You can request an absentee ballot by mail or email by Thursday, February 14th. More details are available at the Madison City Clerk’s website.


Vote on February 19th: Find your polling location through the Wisconsin Elections Commission website.


Past Endorsements and Candidate Questionnaires


An archive of past endorsements is provided below. Please be aware that these pages are no longer being maintained, and that external links may lead to moved or deleted websites.