Heather Driscoll
Dane County Board of Supervisors district 6 candidate

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1. Act 10

It’s hard to believe that this week marks the 7-year anniversary of when TAA led the march to the Capitol that started the Act 10 protests. It was the year before I moved to Madison. I followed along with the news and was moved by the people standing up together. I heard stories of supporters from around the world ordering pizzas for protesters so I called Ian’s and supported the cause as well.

Act 10 has weakened the unions and from my understanding has temporarily weakened the power of the people. It is critical for union members to be able to come together and collectively bargain and it is sad that public workers who are already underpaid have had their benefits cut.

When I lived in Washington DC, I actively volunteered to help create green jobs through LIUNA, WeatherizeDC, and Washington Interfaith Network. I saw firsthand the power of people coming together when I participated in actions including a mayoral candidate forum.

I would love to chat more with TAA to hear your thoughts or wishes on what could be done to counteract the negative impacts of Act 10.


2. Funding for the Dane County Jail

I supported Sup. Heidi Wegleitner’s amendment that would have taken the jail proposal out of the County Budget. I attended the Public Protection and Judiciary meeting on October 24 and personally registered my position on this issue. (You can see my name included in the list on page 3, “Public Members who registered in support of PP&J-C-03” at https://dane.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=M&ID=571089&GUID=487A1BB3-7AF0-41DC-85B8-4C76ADA0BE88 ).

We are at a critical crossroads where we can choose to commit ourselves to the status quo (with marginal improvements) or we can choose to positively change the direction we are headed in a transformative way. I support expanded funding for our Community Restorative Court to hold more 17 to 25-year-olds accountable without giving them a record that destroys their future paths.

Investing $76 million into the continued system of incarceration is not a good investment. I would have preferred to see a scaled back retrofit of the public safety building jail in order to close the 6th and 7th floor jail in the City County building. I support investments in prevention and diversion programs, mental health services, and healthcare. Let’s build up people rather than continue to build up jails.


3. Other important issues you plan to address as Supervisor:

I care deeply about many issues critical to the County: cleaning up our lakes, restorative justice, affordable housing, switching to 100% renewable energy, mental health services, public transportation, and public health.

I’ve had life experiences that have helped me see the importance of access to health and human services. When I was two years old depression took my dad’s life, and in my twenties I personally experienced what it’s like to be sick while uninsured. Looking back on these experiences, they are the moments that have shaped my path and are driving me to fight for change through elected office.