This year’s presidential primary has received immense national coverage by media outlets. However, local elections can have a greater impact on your everyday life. In addition to voting for your preferred presidential candidate on April 5th,make your voice heard in local elections. If you haven’t been following the local races, don’t worry PEC has you covered!

This spring the Political Education Committee of the TAA sent questionnaires to the candidates running in our local elections. Although there are only four contested races this year, we contacted all candidates representing districts close to campus. We hope that their responses provide you the opportunity to get to know your elected official a bit more, even if they are running unopposed.

The TAA has not endorsed any candidates for the upcoming election. After reviewing candidate responses and discussing our vision as a group, the Political Education Committee recommends Rob Dz Franklin and Angelito Tenorio in the contested races. We feel that these candidates best support our aspirations for Dane County.


Remember to vote on April 5th!

Want to find out if your registered to vote? Do you want to see who is on your ballot? Visit My Vote Wisconsin to learn more.

This election will require certain forms of identification, so please bring your Wisconsin driver’s license, your state ID, or a voter ID card. Please visit this site to find more information about the accepted forms of identification and to learn where to vote on Tuesday!


The following candidates have responded to our questionnaires:

District 1

District 2

District 5

District 10

District 11