I’m a member. Now what?

Now that you’re a TAA member, you will begin receiving weekly update e-mails from the TAA office via MailChimp. You will be able to stay informed about current union issues, upcoming meetings, ballots, actions, and social events. You’ll be eligible to vote in all union elections and issue ballots (new contract offers, union policy changes, etc.) and you’ll get the information you need to take part in these important decisions.

There are several ways for you to get involved. None are mandatory, but we are a democratic organization and we highly value your participation in the union.

Attend General Membership Meetings

General Membership Meetings, or GMMs, are the TAA-wide meetings where the most important union decisions are made. For example, the yearly budget, bargaining platform and endorsements of political candidates are all voted on at GMMs.

As a TAA member, coming to GMMs and voting is one of the most important ways you can influence the direction of your union. GMMs typically happen about once a month during the academic year. Learn more on the GMM page.

Join a Committee

One great way to ensure a strong union is to volunteer your time, creativity and skills by serving on a TAA committee!

Active committees include Stewards’ Council (StewCo), Political Education Committee (PEC), Contract Enforcement Committee (CEC), Bargaining Team (B-team). and Publicity Committee (PubCom). Dormant committees include Diversity, Education, and Solidarity. Learn more on the committee page.

Organize + Connect with TAA Members on Discord!

Wondering where TAA conversations are happening? Want to meet other members, see pet pictures, and connect with others about union concerns and organizing efforts? Check out the TAA Discord space! This is the best way to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the union and to strategize with other grad workers.

Current members interested in joining the TAA Discord space should email a request to taamembershipsec@gmail.com.

Follow Along on Social Media

Keep up-to-date with the TAA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Dues Information

As of February 1, 2017, dues will be determined according to your gross annual pay from UW-Madison as stated on your appointment letter; the TAA does not collect dues during the months of July, August, or September.

Dues will be drawn from your account around the 4th of each month. After three months of failed payments, your TAA membership will be terminated.

Suggested monthly dues payments are structured as follows:

Gross annual pay from UW:Monthly Dues Amount (Oct.-June):
Tier 1Unemployed/no tuition remission$7.00
Tier 2Gross pay <$10,240/yr$15.00
Tier 3Gross pay $10,240-$14,709/yr$20.00
Tier 4Gross pay $14,710-$16,864/yr$30.00
Tier 5Gross pay > $16,864/yr$36.00
2021-2022 TAA dues amounts (Updated 8/31/21)

Your dues help us work to secure better wages and benefits for all grad workers and work with grad students to resolve workplace problems.

If you are a current member and need to update your information or are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact our Membership Secretary. Note: Never send sensitive financial information via e-mail.

Canceling Your TAA Membership

Due to the fluctuations and nuances of a graduate worker’s status, it is the member’s responsibility to notify the TAA that they have graduated and/or left UW and would like to cancel their TAA membership.

The Membership Secretary will send out an update form each semester requesting graduation status updates; members are also welcome to send membership cancellation requests directly to taamembershipsec@gmail.com.

If you need to cancel your TAA membership, you should:

  1. Notify the Membership Secretary via update form (emailed to membership via MailChimp each semester) or email of your request to taamembershipsec@gmail.com.
  2. If you would like to stop receiving TAA emails, please unsubscribe from our MailChimp by selecting the following button at the bottom of any TAA email:
    • MailChimp footer with "Unsubscribe" option circled in red.
  3. If you are interested in becoming a Solidarity Member after you leave UW (making a donation to the TAA and/or our Mutual Aid Fund in an amount of at least $7/month), please let the Membership Secretary know.