December 5th rally. A mass of people is visible in the background. Signs with slogans in foreground.

Community Rallies Against Abuse of Graduate Workers, Calls for Policy Change

Note: This article includes mentions of suicide. Graduate workers and community supporters gathered on Engineering Mall on Thursday to protest the return of abusive engineering professor Dr. Akbar Sayeed to campus and demand stronger workplace protections for grads. “We’re demanding that graduate assistants have a meaningful voice in crafting policies of the kinds that would…

People standing and talking at the Shared Governance Celebration. One has a red TAA shirt.

University Workers Emphasize Importance of Shared Governance

A coalition of graduate workers and University Faculty and Academic Staff (UFAS) members interrupted a reception celebrating shared governance on Wednesday, shining light on how workers are shut out of university decision-making processes. “We are never seriously consulted about things like fees, pay, increased resources for diversity and inclusion workers, and benefits,” sociology graduate student…


Graduate School Releases GAPP that Strips Workplace Protections for Graduate Workers and Excludes RAs and SAs.

UW-Madison Graduate School released a set of Graduate Assistant Policies and Procedures (GAPP) on May 14. This document, released at the end of the academic year, strips workplace protections for graduate workers and excludes thousands of research assistants and lecturers. Sign and share this TAA petition today to support graduate workers in our fight for a…


TAA Will Press On for Fair Pay, Fee Relief, Quality Policies, and Shared Governance.

On April 26, Co-Presidents of the Teaching Assistants’ Association (TAA) attended a meeting with university administrators calling for them to commit to supporting graduate workers and international students at UW-Madison. The meeting was proposed in a letter from Vice Chancellor Heller and Dean Karpus after informing the TAA that our call for fair pay, fee…


Graduate School Dean Walks Out from a Meeting and Calls Police on Graduate Workers

UW-Madison administrators left a meeting with TAA members and called the police to remove them from the meeting room after reaffirming the university’s stance to deny graduate workers basic workplace rights. Police officers arrived 30 minutes after the meeting started and issued a warning of arrest. The meeting was proposed by Vice Chancellor Heller and Dean…


Administration Response to Graduate Workers Found Inadequate and Misleading

In response to the April 4 sit-in, UW administrators wrote TAA Co-Presidents a letter explaining why the university should deny graduate workers a living wage, mandatory fee relief, and clear workplace policies. In the letter signed by Vice Chancellor Heller and Dean Karpus, the administrators failed to address any issues graduate workers brought up during…