TAA Voter Guide for the Spring 2021 Election

Spring 2021 Elections:

  • Tuesday, February 16 — Spring 2021 Primary Election
  • Tuesday, April 6 — Spring 2021 General Election

The Spring 2021 Primary Elections in the Madison area will include nonpartisan competitive races for the following positions:

  • State Superintendent of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
  • Dane County Board District 12
  • Madison Common Council Districts 9, 16, and 18

The two candidates with the most primary votes in each race will move on to the Spring 2021 General Election. See below for more information about the positions, candidates, and voting.

Wisconsin State Superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction

There are seven candidates running in the DPI Superintendent race. This field will be narrowed to two candidates in the Spring 2021 Primary Election. In addition to overseeing the administration of public K-12 schools in Wisconsin, the DPI Superintendent also serves on the UW System Board of Regents.

Click here for more information about the position and the candidates.

Dane County Board of Supervisors

Although the elections for the Dane County Board of Supervisors are usually held in even years—with the next full election scheduled for Spring 2022—this year there is an election for Dane County District 12. Click here for the Cap Times Q&A with the candidates in this race.

Madison Common Council

There will be a competitive primary election—held on Tuesday, February 16—for Madison Common Council districts with more than two candidates. The two candidates who receive the most votes will continue to the general election on Tuesday, April 6.

The districts with competitive primary elections are:

  • District 9
  • District 16
  • District 18

Click here to look up your district / current alder by address. All other districts will determine their alder in the general election on Tuesday, April 6. Click here for information about the candidates running for all of the Madison Common Council districts—information about the candidates in competitive primary elections is highlighted below.

Madison Common Council candidates in competitive primary elections

District 9

Statement from the TAA Political Education Committee: The TAA received questionnaire responses from Nikki Conklin and Doug Hyant. We found that both were strong candidates and decided to wait until after the primary election to recommend an endorsement.

We do, however, recommend against voting for Paul Skidmore—his track record in the past year includes several efforts to expand policing, a racist dogwhistle condemnation of “violence” against corporate-owned property during the George Floyd and Jacob Blake protests, and allegedly using a misogynistic slur against a Black woman during a Common Council meeting.


Paul E. Skidmore (Incumbent)

  • No TAA Questionnaire Response
  • No social media

Doug Hyant

Nikki Conklin

Anthony Amato

  • No TAA Questionnaire Response
  • Website

Other D9 Resources

District 16

Statement from the TAA Political Education Committee: The TAA did not feel as though it had enough information about these candidates to offer an endorsement before the primary election.


Jael Currie

Greg Dixon

Tyson Vitale

Matthew Tramel

  • No TAA Questionnaire Response
  • No social media

Kim Richman (Withdrawn)

Other D16 Resources

District 18

Statement from TAA Political Education Committee: In her public statements and voting record, Alder Kemble has demonstrated her commitment to environmental justice, public housing and transit, and criminal justice. Over the last year, Kemble has supported efforts to remove police officers from Madison schools, has worked on resolutions for ending Madison Police Department’s use of chemical weapons, has worked to invest city funds in our bus transportation and low-income housing, and has called on UW–Madison to provide a better response to Covid-19.


Rebecca Kemble ***Endorsed by the TAA***

Veronica Figueroa Velez

Charles Myadze

Other D18 Resources

How to vote by mail in the primary election:

  1. Register to vote by mail in the upcoming election.
  2. Mail your absentee ballot in by Feb 2 to allow two weeks for USPS delivery: Madison City Clerk’s Office, 210 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Room 103, City-County Building, Madison, WI 53703
    • Your ballot now must be delivered by Feb 16 at 8:00pm.
  3. Drop it off at a Ballot Drop-Off Site!

How to vote in person for the primary election:

  1. In-person absentee voting is available at multiple locations from Feb 2 to Feb 13.
  2. Vote at your polling location on Feb 16, 7am – 8pm