Union Communication

To contact union leadership or committees, see the TAA Directory on the “Contact Us” page.

General Membership E-mails (MailChimp)

We send out biweekly General Membership Emails (GMEs) with information about upcoming events, meetings, recaps, solidarity actions, etc. 

** Note that unread MailChimp emails are prone to getting directed to Spam/Junk inboxes 🙁

How to Subscribe:

New members are automatically added to the MailChimp subscription list. If you are a current member who left the GME MailChimp and would like to be added again, or if you believe you have not been added (and have checked your Spam folder), email taamembershipsec@gmail.com to re-join the GME list. 

How to Unsubscribe:

Members must remove themselves from the TAA MailChimp GME list by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of a GME. 

We ask that members who leave UW/the TAA unsubscribe themselves, as this will not occur automatically when you graduate. 

How to Submit:

Use this form to submit items to the next General Membership Email. 


Much of the TAA’s online organizing and community occurs on the TAA Discord channel. This is the place to connect with other people in your department, post questions or mutual aid requests to other members, share publicity suggestions, or just hang out. 

To request Discord access, email taamembershipsec@gmail.com


Stewards use Airtable for data tracking and analysis when spreadsheet software, like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, lack a desired capability. Database software like Airtable has proved useful for things like event planning, surveying, community directory management, and more. If you’re interested in learning how to use or navigate the Airtable, contact stewco.chair@taa-madison.org.

Google Drive

TAA officers, organizers, and activists currently use Google Drive as a main digital storage system. Google Workspace, a suite of productivity apps (e.g. Docs, Sheets, Calendar) comes with Google Drive, which TAA actively uses. 

There are 3 drives accessible to members: TAA Eboard, TAA Stew Co, and TAA Publicity Committee. If you’d like to access any of these, contact any member of these committees.

Social Media

The TAA’s Publicity Committee (along with misc. Eboard members and organizers) manage the TAA’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Please note that these channels are volunteer-managed, so DMs are generally not as reliable as contacting us by email. 
Email publicity@taa-madison.org with post requests.

Non-WISC Emails

We try to use non-WISC emails for TAA communications and online documents, as WISC accounts are accessible to our employer.