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If you are a graduate student at UW-Madison, you can become a TAA member! Membership in the TAA provides you with a voice in your union and builds collective power to improve our working conditions. If you are an international student, your visa status will not be affected by joining the union.

Joining the TAA online requires two steps:

  1. Provide the TAA with your membership information via our Google form (this helps us connect you with committees, organizers in your department, etc.)
  2. Submit your billing and payment information to AFT (our parent union).

Both steps are required to finalize your TAA membership.

Step 1: TAA Membership Form

Please check that you have submitted the above Google form before moving on to Step 2 below!

Step 2: AFT Sign-Up (opens in new tab)

Click here to complete Step 2!

** See dues information below for details + options about monthly membership payments!**

Why should I join the union?

By joining our union, you are choosing collective action, increasing the strength of all UW-Madison graduate workers. You can vote on union policy related to your wages, benefits, and working conditions. You’re also showing support for all of the past TAA members who have bargained for the benefits you enjoy and a way of committing yourself to making things better for TAs, PAs, and RAs in the future.

Only a strong union can advocate effectively for graduate student interests and workplace rights both on campus and in the Statehouse, and protect graduate employees from excessive workloads, harassment, discrimination, and retribution. Joining the TAA also increases the union’s negotiating strength. Each additional member reinforces the message to the administration and the state that the TAA is a force to be taken seriously. Past experience shows that this greatly improves the TAA’s chances of success at the bargaining table. This improves and protects all of our working conditions. Graduate employees are dependent on the university not only for appointments to cover a portion of their living expenses, but also for grades and recommendations.

Together, we fight the attacks on public employees and higher education that are occurring in Wisconsin and nationwide. In the Uprising of 2011, our union stood strong with thousands of other Wisconsin workers, students, and citizens in the largest protests in this state has seen since the Vietnam War era. Join us to effectively fight back against the stripping of workers’ rights and draconian cuts to higher education.

As a member, you play an integral role in the machinery of union democracy. You have a voice in setting the priorities of the union and a direct line in how you can better your wages, benefits, and working conditions. You can eligible to vote in all union elections and issue ballots (contract offers, union policy changes, etc.) and get the information you need to take part in these important decisions.

Dues Information

As of February 1, 2017, dues will be determined according to your gross annual pay from UW-Madison as stated on your appointment letter; the TAA does not collect dues during the months of July, August, or September. Suggested monthly dues payments are structured as follows:

2022-2023 TAA dues amounts (Updated 6/29/22)

Your dues help us work to secure better wages and benefits for all grad workers and work with grad students to resolve workplace problems.

If you are interested in joining the TAA but have financial concerns, please contact for further options—all are welcome, and we have a dues waiver option for those who cannot make the minimum monthly payment ($7/month, Oct.-June)!

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