Crowd of grad workers at a 2015 rally

Support our Platform for a Safe Restart for Fall 2020 & Mutual Aid Fund

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Fight for a Safe Restart

The TAA—along with the campus unions on the University Labor Council—has demanded that UW–Madison take immediate action to protect the safety of all workers on campus. The TAA has created the Platform for a Safe Restart for Fall 2020 to show how the university can best meet the ULC demands while centering equity for students and workers. Take this survey to let us know how you will take collective action to push UW–Madison to meet the moment!

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The TAA is the labor union representing all graduate student workers at UW–Madison (TAs, PAs, RAs, GAs, and Fellows). We are the oldest graduate employee union in the world. Organizing began in 1966 and the first contract with the university was completed in 1970.

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