Crowd of grad workers at a 2015 rally

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Fight to end mandatory fees for graduate workers

The TAA is working to end mandatory fees for graduate workers. Right now, graduate workers at UW-Madison pay back almost $1500 of their salary per academic year in segregated fees, and international students must pay an additional $200. We had almost 900 graduate workers withhold their fees through the April 2021 deadline for their spring semester segregated fees. While we are not calling for a fee strike right now, our on-going work for fee relief does not end here! To learn more about this campaign, check out the FAQ to learn more.

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The TAA is the labor union representing all graduate student workers at UW–Madison (TAs, PAs, RAs, GAs, and Fellows). We are the oldest graduate employee union in the world. Organizing began in 1966 and the first contract with the university was completed in 1970.