2020-21 officers

Each spring, the TAA membership elects union officers to carry out the day to day business of the union. Any member is eligible to run for office and the term is one year. The elected officers of the TAA sit on the Executive Board along with the chairs of the TAA’s standing committees. The Executive Board meets monthly to discuss union business, make recommendations to be considered at membership meetings and take actions in areas or on issues that the membership has designated.

President: Alejandra Canales

Alejandra is a sixth-year PhD candidate in the Department of Neuroscience, where her research uses microscopy to understand the connections between different types of brain cells. She’s been a proud member of the TAA since 2018 and has served as a steward.

Treasurer: Jon Isaac

Jon is a fifth-year PhD student in Composition and Rhetoric and has been involved in the TAA—first as the English Department steward and then as a Stewards Council co-chair—since shortly after arriving at UW in 2016. His research focuses on the rhetorical tactics of academic labor unions. As Treasurer, Jon will be able to answer all of the budget-related questions you never knew you needed answered.

Recording Secretary: Trisha Chanda

I am Trisha, a PhD student in the Consumer Science department of SoHE. I have been actively involved in student movements in India and have served as the General Secretary of the Presidency University Students’ Union from 2015-2016. During my tenure as General Secretary, I have tried to lead the Union with a vision towards pluralism and inclusiveness. At UW, I have been associated with the TAA since 2018, and have co-founded the Consumer Science Students’ Association, the School of Human Ecology Graduate Students’ Organization and South Asia Without Borders-a group of students and research scholars who advocate for human rights in South Asia. I have also been serving on the Dean’s Advisory Board since 2019. My attitude towards organizing is to get voices heard, to facilitate dialogue and spread awareness. I prefer building a movement from the ground up over leading it from the front. I advocate for unity and solidarity in my words and deeds, as I believe that is the only way to counter the politics of hate which is engulfing the world right now.

Membership Secretary: Lauren Gerlowski

Lauren is a second year M.S. student in the Geography Department. There, she researches the economic geography of dance and dancers. Before coming to grad school, Lauren danced professionally in New York City and Pittsburgh, PA. In Spring of 2020 she served as stewards council co-chair and is excited to continue labor solidarity work in equitable efforts on the executive board!

Stewards Council Co-Chairs: Anthony Flynn and Miranda Alksnis

Anthony is a 3rd year PhD student in Counseling Psychology. He has been involved with TAA as a department steward since 2018. His research focuses on health and mental health disparities among gender and sexual minority communities and U.S. Military veterans. This year he will be completing a clinical practicum experience at UW-Madison’s University Health Services / Mental Health Services.

Miranda is a PhD student in English at UW-Madison studying early modern literature. She likes cats and dancing!

AFTW Representative: Rob Timberlake

Rob is a grad student in Educational Policy Studies. As the Vice President of Graduate Employees of AFT–Wisconsin, he works with other elected leaders of the state federation on issues related to public higher education and political education.