Manage Your Membership

For more details about TAA dues, see the “Membership + Dues” page.

Updating Your Membership Information

Need to update your mailing address? Billing information? Teaching or research appointment information? Please contact the TAA Membership Secretary at

Changing Your Dues Payments

TAA dues are drawn around the 4th of each month from October to June. We do not collect dues during July, August, or September, as graduate workers are not usually funded during these months.

For more information about TAA dues, see Membership + Dues.

If you need to adjust your monthly dues payment, or if you are struggling to pay the minimum dues amount but would still like to participate in the TAA, please contact

Canceling Your TAA Membership

Due to the fluctuations and nuances of a graduate worker’s status, it is the member’s responsibility to notify the TAA that they have graduated and/or left UW and would like to cancel their TAA membership.

The Membership Secretary will send out an update form each semester requesting graduation status updates; members are also welcome to send membership cancellation requests directly to

If you need to cancel your TAA membership, you should:

  1. Notify the Membership Secretary via update form (emailed to membership via MailChimp each semester) or email of your request to
  2. If you would like to stop receiving TAA emails, please unsubscribe from our MailChimp by selecting the following button at the bottom of any TAA email:
    • MailChimp footer with "Unsubscribe" option circled in red.
  3. If you are interested in becoming a Solidarity Member after you leave UW (making a donation to the TAA and/or our Mutual Aid Fund in an amount of at least $7/month), please let the Membership Secretary know.