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The Political Education Committee engages members and the campus community around electoral politics and policy issues at the local, state, and national level. In the past PEC has conducted candidate surveys to inform our membership on local candidate positions and made recommendations for endorsement. PEC has also tackled issue based policies through major lobbying and letter-writing campaigns, addressing the state budget, and engaging in graduate student contract battles. PEC’s work is coalition-based, partnering with other local unions and community organizations. If you are interested in state and local politics or in policy, becoming active in the Political Education Committee is a great way to support your union

Previous + ongoing PEC projects include:

Engaging in grassroots, community-driven political organizing work in preparation for the 2020 Fall Primaries and Elections.

Engaging in labor solidarity by working closely with unions and labor organizations throughout the country. These include our parent union, the American Federation of Teachers; the South Central Federation of Labor, our central labor council; and graduate student workers across the nation fighting for the right to organize.

Fundraising and maintenance of the TAA’s two political funds: (i) the TAA-PAC and (ii) the Democracy Fund.

Writing and maintaining the TAA’s Political Platform which are used to guide our membership’s endorsement process.

Coordinating the TAA’s candidate endorsement and Get Out the Vote efforts in the lead-up to both primary and general elections.

Enabling the TAA as a Sanctuary Union, protecting the rights of UW–Madison’s international and undocumented student population by sharing legal resources, publicizing “Know Your Rights” events, and working alongside sanctuary campuses, congregations, and unions across the nation.

Have ideas for TAA’s political platform or electoral activity? Come to the next PEC meeting and share your ideas! All members of the TAA are welcome.

PEC News: