Contract Enforcement Committee

The Contract Enforcement Committee (CEC) is devoted to making sure that all graduate assistants have access to the hard-won rights of GAPP and are protected as workers.

You can find more detailed information of your rights as graduate workers here.

If you have a problem in the workplace, contact this committee right away for contractual questions and clarifications via e-mail. If you believe you have been wronged, fill out the Contract Enforcement Committee Intake Form. Your responses will be kept confidential; CEC members will work with you to help find solutions.

In the past, CEC helped solve conflicts ranging from overwork, benefits problems to harassment on behalf of graduate workers either through sitting in disciplinary meetings as the graduate worker representative, or through writing e-mails to the responsible parties, which resulted in such gains as termination of overwork and abuse, change of supervisors, and even of departmental policies.

If you’re interested in helping your fellow workers, you may enjoy working on the CEC. There is an ongoing need for more member-volunteers for this very important work. E-mail us for more information.