Chancellor Martin supports us

For Immediate Release
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The Teaching Assistants’ Association is thrilled that Chancellor Biddy Martin is calling for the vote on the so called Budget Repair Bill to be delayed, “in the strongest possible terms.” She goes on to say “Before curtailing collective bargaining rights that have been in place for years, I am asking legislators to step back and make a sincere effort to develop more creative solutions.”

The momentum against the budget repair bill is building, and this unequivocal statement from the university is yet another sign that Scott Walker’s bill is extreme and that pushing it through the statehouse less than a week after its introduction is an affront to democracy.

Madison schools are closed today after 40% of teachers called in sick, and thousands of people are at the Capitol voicing their opposition to the bill.

At its height, yesterday’s protest included more than 10,000 people from around the state. The Joint Finance Committee heard from hundreds of people, with nearly all of them speaking against the bill. Republicans left the committee room at 3 a.m. with hundreds of people still waiting to speak, and Democrat committee members continued to hear speakers.

Read Biddy Martin’s statement here.