Yes, I would like to help keep the TAA strong!

I support the TAA. From the 1981 organizing handbook.

Your donation helps the TAA continue to fight for grad student workers at UW-Madison and support a strong labor movement! Donations to not infer any membership rights, but are much appreciated. If you are a current UW–Madison graduate student, the first step in supporting your union is to become a dues-paying member!  Members and non-members alike can also donate to the TAA through one of the options below.

Democracy Fund

The TAA Democracy Fund was established during the 2011 Wisconsin Uprising for solidarity with progressive causes statewide that union members wish to support. Democracy Funds are used to support activities like issue advocacy, member-to-member communication, get out the vote efforts, and educational events. These funds are not used to support candidate committees in electoral campaigns. You can donate any amount once or set up a small, recurring monthly donation.

Solidarity Membership
A solidarity member is someone who is not a UW–Madison graduate student but would like to make an ongoing contribution of the minimum dues amount (currently $5.25/mo over 12 months) or higher to support the union’s work. Solidarity membership dues go into the TAA’s main bank account to be used at the discretion of the membership. Solidarity members do not have voting rights and must be granted permission of a co-president or committee chair to attend union meetings. Please click the button below if you would like to become a solidarity member.


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