Final General Membership Meeting of the Year: May 3rd

We will hold our final General Membership Meeting of the academic year on Monday, May 3rd, starting at 5:30 PM (location TITU). You can RSVP for the GMM here.

At the GMM, we will address a few required items of unions business:

– Adopting the proposed budget for the coming fiscal year
– Handling officer stipends for the completed academic year
– Officially opening ballot for officer positions for next academic year

We will also address two other important topics:

– Hosting the AGEL conference
– Bargaining Update

The agenda for this GMM is yet to be finalized, but you can expect that it will look something like this. At the GMM, we will have (vegan-friendly) food and beverages.

Here’s a quick explanation of the items of union business:

Nominations for officer elections will be closing on April 30th and at this meeting, our Elections Committee will begin distributing paper ballots. Voting takes place over the two weeks following the meeting.

We will also handle stipends for our current year’s officers.

The major item will be adoption of our 2010-2011 budget. Our Finance Committee has prepared a budget that will be brought to the GMM by the Executive Board and the Finance Committee as a motion on the floor. Of particular importance in adopting a budget is making an allocation for an organizing drive during next academic year.

If you have any questions about the GMM, please drop an email to our Co-Presidents Katie Lindstrom and Peter Rickman.