General Membership Meeting Tuesday!

Our major General Membership Meeting will be taking place on Tuesday (February 23rd) at 5:30 PM at the Pres House.

This General Membership Meeting is highly important for a number of decisions we will be making as a union. Our union is a democratic organization that makes decisions collectively on the big issues in front of us. Two of those issues for grad student workers right now are our contract bargaining and what to do about segregated fees.

Here is the tentative agenda for the GMM on Tuesday (which will start right at 5:30 PM):

1. Small-Group Education Stations Here, TAA activists will conduct rotating 5 minute mini-workshops on the issues in front of us to provide background. Member democracy depends upon informed citizenship in the union, so this will prime our discussions and debates in agenda items #2 and #3.

2. Bargaining Strategy & Segregated Fees Discussion and Debate Here, we will discuss and debate potential avenues for how we will approach wages and segregated fees in bargaining and beyond, including a potential comprehensive campaign around them both. This item includes balloting on bargaining and segregated fee issues.

3. Natatorium Segregated Fee Referendum Discussion and Debate Here, we will discuss and debate the impending referendum on increasing segregated fees for a new Natatorium on campus. This item includes voting on how the TAA will approach the referendum.

You can RSVP here on the Facebook event listing. While you’re at it, you should become a fan of the TAA on Facebook too.

With any questions, please contact Co-Presidents Peter Rickman and Katie Lindstrom.