Graduate Assistant Policies and Procedures Update: June 2017

Graduate Assistant Policies and Procedures Update: June 2017

Thank you to the graduate workers who attended the first Graduate Assistant Policies and Procedures (GAPP) Committee meeting last week! With this demonstrated interest, the graduate representatives on the committee were successful in securing that future meetings will be open to a large number of observers and that these observers can participate in the discussions.

The GAPP Committee is tasked with converting the graduate student worker contract into a set of policies and procedures. The 10-member committee includes four TAA representatives, who are working to ensure the interests of all graduate student workers on campus are protected. The purpose of this first meeting was to establish guidelines for how future meetings will be conducted. In this initial discussion administration agreed to TAA proposals that:

  • the committee will work toward consensus, not just simple majority,

  • roll call votes can be recorded on contentious items,

  • observers will be able to participate in the discussion, and

  • the committee will be more transparent to graduate workers through email announcements and jointly-hosted open forums to discuss committee progress.

The administration wants to finish this process as soon as possible, so we must continue to demonstrate our support for the graduate students on this committee over the summer. During the next GAPP committee meeting, the committee will begin go through the 2009 contract, section by section, to create a set of policies and procedures for all graduate workers.

Come participate in this process! Make sure your voice is heard!

Mark Your Calendars: In order to secure some changes for the better, the TAA needs the vocal support of graduate workers to demonstrate our power and the importance of our work on campus. GAPP Committee meetings are open to the public. Your attendance shows the administration that graduate workers care about their working conditions. The next meeting is scheduled:

Tuesday, July 18
Bascom Hall, Room 54
500 Lincoln Drive
(Note that the room may change to accommodate more observers.)