Mandatory Fee Information for Faculty

What can I do to build faculty support?

  1. Talk to individual faculty members
  2. Talk to your department faculty meeting


  • Start with faculty members you know
  • Look up your faculty senators (this might be out of date) and send them a message (like this draft)
  • Share your personal story with fees
  • Discuss some stories of hardship from other grads

Some history:

  • Allies of the TAA brought a resolution to the May Faculty Senate (FS) meeting, but the Faculty Senate lost quorum
  • Allies of the TAA asked the University Committee (UC) to bring a resolution to the October FS meeting, but the UC said they were already working on the issue
  • The UC wrote their own resolution and brought it to the November FS meeting (Pros: it directs university to study the problem; Cons: it does not take a stance on mandatory fees; it buries the issue in shared governance until April)
  • The UC’s November resolution was delayed until the December FS meeting, giving us time to talk to faculty members to strengthen the resolution

What we want:

  • We are asking faculty to symbolically support our call for the university cover fees for graduate workers
  • Rather than bogging the issue down in the budget committee until April, we want the Faculty Senate to say something like “We support covering fees for graduate assistants at UW–Madison in ways that do not adversely affect student services or place undue burden on other students.”