Organizine In Your Department (Or Across Campus)

Our union is working through the end of the fall semester to organize across campus in order to engage grad student workers around the work of the union. Among some of the issues around which we need to engage our bargaining unit membership are the passage of a new contract, bargaining for another contract going on now, developing new union leaders, taking on other challenges faced by grad student workers, and organizing all grads.

To build a strong organizing campaign and to build a stronger union for us all, we need our members to step up to get involved. The good news is that it’s easy to do, it’s important, and you can make a big impact in your department or anywhere on-campus. To get involved, sign up here.

Our campaign is reaching out to grad student workers in all departments, having real conversations about the union. The TAA Stewards’ Council is leading up the campaign, with individual union steward activists heading out to organize workers, department by department. We need members from across the union to be a part of the campaign by volunteering to speak with fellow grads in their own department or in other departments.

If you can be a part of the organizing campaign, take a moment to fill out this quick form.

And you definitely can be a part of the campaign. Our Stewards’ Council activists will work with volunteers in all parts of the organizing work, from training on how to have organizing conversations to education on the issues, to providing “turf” to cover, to showing you how to do it all. So when you fill out this form, someone will be in touch with you to get you plugged in.

A well-organized union is a strong union; a strong union makes the biggest impact for the workers it represents. So we need you to get involved with the TAA today in our fall organizing campaign!

If you have any questions about the fall organizing campaign, drop us an email.