Swarm and Nest: Humanities

After a nasty virus went through the TAA office last week, TAA organizers went out, some hacking and sniffing, to Humanities last Monday. With 7 organizers, we put in 13 organizer hours, had 18 conversations, signed up one new member, and found two more organizers.

For the semester, that makes 35 different organizers, 161 organizing hours, 157 member contacts, 21 new members, 38 new organizers, and 55 future activists.

Next Wednesday, we’re going to Van Vleck to organize in Math. We need 1) a very large attendance at the April 28th General Membership Meeting to ensure we make a great, informed, and member-driven Bargaining Platform for the 09-11 contract, and 2) to look for a people interested in running for the office of Treasurer (Jason, our current Treasurer, will unfortunately be leaving us). Without a TAA Treasurer lined up, we’ll be in a world of hurt.

The following week’s Swarm and Nest (scheduled for 4/23 in Computer Sciences) has been canceled. Instead, we will be organizing on Monday and Tuesday, April 27-28 (locations TBD) to ensure a large turnout for the April General Membership Meeting.

Send an email to me (twfrandy@gmail.com) if you have an hour or two to organize in math, and make sure that the TAA can keep paying its bills!