TAA Swarm and Nest: Week 1

On Monday, 2/23, 11 TAA member organizers (plus our two highly trained staff members) went out to Social Sciences, Ingraham, and Bascom. We had 42 conversations over 36 worker-hours of organizing, in which we signed up 3 new members, and found 16 new Organizers who will participate in Swarm and Nest this semester. We also identified 10 additional people who were likely to get involved with the TAA in the future.

These sorts of one-on-one conversations are the most important work the union does, and they’re essential to creating a winning 2009-2011 contract campaign, and building a powerful culture of unionist workers, whose voices will be at the fore of the progressive movement of the 21st century.

Next week, on Tuesday, Mar. 3rd, we’ll be meeting in Helen C. White, on the 5th floor, by the elevators to organize in HC White, North, and Science Hall. Sign up today (if you haven’t already) by sending me an email at twfrandy@gmail.com, and saying which hour or two you can help between 10-4.

The following week, on Monday, Mar. 9th, we’ll meet in Medical Sciences (in the lobby, near the entrance on University), and do visits to Chamberlain and Psychology between 10-4.

When you show up, you’ll be paired up with someone who is already experienced at talking with TAs and PAs about work. That way, you can be mentored as you learn how to engage in discourse with your peers, improve working conditions for your co-workers, and build social movements. We hope to see you there.