Union Activism In Your Building

As we work to build a vibrant union strengthened by the activism and involvement of its members, we are engaging in a number of projects. One is a really easy and quick way for you to get involved in your union and build our union. We are working on doing a semester-beginning lit drop to all grad student workers represented by the TAA.

The project is moving building to building and we need some TAA activists to help propel it forward. Can you help in your building and/or in buildings where we don’t yet have coverage?

If you can, contact project organizer Jason Tatum to let him know that you want to be involved. He will work with you to help you understand the project, what roles you can play, how to carry out the work on the project, and all relevant details.

The essential work we need activists to help with is dropping a literature packet in the mailboxes of the grad student workers our union represents. Again, it’s an easy – but important – way for you to get involved in your union, building it and strengthening it by informing people about the union and building membership.

Below you’ll find a list of the buildings where we need coverage. If you’re in one of these and can help, let Jason Tatum know and he’ll set you up.

Vilas Communication
Grainger Hall
Educational Sciences
Noland Zoology
Weeks Hall
Mechanical Eng Hall
Brogden, Psychology
Medical Sciences Center
School of Social Work
Chamberlin Hall
Sterling Hall
Birge Hall
Van Vleck
Bascom Hall
North Hall
Ingraham Hall
Social Science
Van Hise
Observatory Hill Office
Human Ecology Building
Agriculture Hall
Russell Laboratories
Gymnasium, Natatorium
Warf Office
Waisman Center