Organizing Working Group Meeting – Save the Date for 9/16

Save the date for September 16th at 6 PM: our union will be hosting an organizing working group meeting to put together some concrete action around the TAA’s agenda and program for this academic year. We’ll be in the Memorial Union, TITU.

Save the date and plan to be there if you think that:

– We should have better pay and a fair wage for the important work we do.
– Segregated fees should be remitted just like tuition is.
– Health insurance coverage and affordable premiums needs to be protected.
– The changing academy is eroding our profession and negatively affecting higher education.
– A stronger union means grad student – and all academic – workers are all better off.

If you think that any of the above are true – or if you think that our union needs to get something else on its agenda too (and yes, there are other things beyond these), you should be there.

As important as the agenda, it’s putting it into action. So if you think that these things are worth fighting for, they’re worth organizing around. And because our union, like our university, works because we do, we need to make it happen. Save the date for September 16th and plan on being there to get to work through our union to fight for grad student workers.

For what it’s worth, there will be more details to follow. If you have any questions, please be in touch with our Co-Presidents Peter Rickman and Katie Lindstrom.