Union Activism In Your Building

This year, we are working on build the organizing power of our union: building capacity for action, educating members, training new leaders. Our organizing power comes from our members being involved in the union. Anyone can do it and everyone should.

If you can help with an easy project in your office building this week, let Co-President Peter Rickman know via email.

In building a union like ours, there are always different kinds of ways for people to be involved, including some things that are really easy while still being very important. Right now, we are working on getting out a letter to all returning grad student workers to ask them to join (or re-join) the union as members by filling out a new membership card and to let us know how they want to get involved in the union.

If you can help distribute these letters in your office building, please let Co-President Peter Rickman know via email.

We’re working to deliver the letters (and membership cards) in departmental mailboxes through simply dropping the literature in the boxes. We have a number of buildings already done. But we could use some help in a bunch more buildings. By taking a few minutes to deliver these letters and cards to all the grad student workers in your office building in something like a literature drop, you can help build our organizing power and help build a stronger union.

So if you can do that and you want to help our union work for grad student workers, please contact Co-President Peter Rickman know via email and he’ll work with you to plug on in with this project.

It’s an easy way to get involved in some basic organizing work of the union but something that is also important.