Update Your Union Information!

With the coming of a new academic year, the TAA needs to update its roster of information about all of us as rank-and-file members. We would like to have all of our members fill out an electronic of our “blue card,” our normal membership card. Part of running a good organization is having proper information to put to use, including contact information for all members as well as information on how everyone wants to be involved in our union.

“>So make sure to fill out the online blue card by responding with a “yes” or “no” answer on some really important ways for you to be involved.

In this coming year, we will have a number of really important and exciting ways for everyone to be involved in our union. We are committed to involving all rank-and-file members as much as possible in making our union work, including putting together well-run campaigns that advance our union’s cause as well as providing training and education for all rank-and-file members to be involved in a meaningful way. So again, please take a moment to fill out the online blue card.