Calling All Union Activists – Especially New Ones!

There are a lot of reasons that the TAA is a unique union with an important role to play in the overall labor movement, the academic labor movement, and the grad labor movement. For example, we were the first grad student workers’ union to form back in the 1960s and 1970s, sparking the growth of a nationwide movement. Today, we retain one of the core components of those early days that has become a hallmark of grad unionism, which also distinguishes us in some ways.

We, for the better, hold strongly to the idea of democratic unionism. We believe that unions do not just democratize externally, but are also vehicles of democracy. Members run this union and the union works because we do. For our union to be as strong as possible, we need our members to be involved to make it work.

So we are calling you to get involved in your union!

There are three important ways that you can and should get involved in your union today. We need more and more union members to become union activists through our Union Stewards Council, the group that literally takes stewardship over the most important part of the union in organizing fellow grad student workers, Bargaining Team, the committee that works on all things collective bargaining, and Contract Enforcement Committee, the group that ensures that our contract is being followed and assisting grad workers with issues in their workplaces.

One of the best parts of union activism is that anyone can do it — and everyone should. You do not need background or experience in unions or activism. You just need to care about the health and well-being of your fellow grad student workers’ and the union we have.

The thing for you to do is to click here to get plugged in. Someone will follow up with you to help you learn more and get involved in the work of whatever group interests you most. If you have any other questions, contact us via email.