Campaign to Fight Back Against Segregated Fee Increases

When we decided at our last General Membership Meeting to endorse a “NO” vote on the upcoming Segregated Fee increase referendum, the assembled members also voted to run a campaign around this. We will work to organize grad students and undergrads alike to vote “NO” on increasing segregated fees.

We need you to get involved with the campaign organizing!

This fits with our longer-term project of taking on the issue of Segregated Fees; it is also an exciting, urgent, and important campaign for our union. With just under 6 weeks until voting on the seg fee increase referendum takes place, we need to build a campaign quickly. It’s six weeks to fight back on Seg Fee increases — they are already over $1000 per year and the referendum would raise them over $100 more.

That’s why it’s so important that you get involved with the campaign

Our work as a union, on this campaign and otherwise, is based upon rank-and-file grad student workers getting involved in the TAA. We need you to join the campaign so that we can win here on stopping Seg Fee increases and build momentum to take on Seg Fees in the longer-term.

Join the campaign today to fight back against Seg Fees!