Protestors stay in Capitol, victory for democracy

February 27, 2011

The citizens of Wisconsin have forced democratic debate to continue over the budget repair bill by convincing officials to let people remain in the Capitol tonight.  Earlier today thousands of members of faith communities, private-sector unions and the UW campus community stood up for democracy and workers’ rights by staying in the Capitol to have their voices heard.

“Democracy scored a victory today,” said Jill Hopke, member of the Teaching Assistants’ Association.  “The police demonstrated that democratic participation and open debate are important to them.  We hope Senate Republicans will follow their lead and vote no on the bill.”

Protestors remained in the Capitol to demonstrate their continued opposition to the budget repair bill, which strips collective bargaining rights from public sector workers.

“We will be back tomorrow, the next day and the day after that until we kill this union-busting bill,” said Hopke.

Union leaders have promised to continue their large-scale protests at the Capitol this week.

Contact:  Jill Hopke (608-225-6567)