Swarm and Nest: Medical Sciences

We had a low-key organizing Monday in an uncomfortably warm Medical Sciences building. We had 6 organizers work 22 hours, talking to 15 members. We signed up 2 new members, and found 5 new organizers. Though we had smaller capacity than other weeks, the progress was still good for our smaller organizer numbers.

For the semester, that makes 23 different organizers, working 100.5 hours, 103 member contacts, 34 new organizers, 49 future activists, and 11 members.

A strong union is a union that is always organizing, talking with members, and encouraging co-workers to think and work together to solve work-related problems. We’d love to train all our members as organizers, with the skill set to chat with co-workers about work, to find common interests, and to encourage others to play their part and take action for the good of workers everywhere. We just need you to join us for an hour or two at a Swarm and Nest, and you can stop wanting to help, and start working for progressive change. No experience is needed! We team you with an experienced organizer, so you can learn as you are mentored. It couldn’t be easier!

We’ll be meeting in the Teachers’ Education Building lobby (with excursions into Educational Sciences and Noland) on Tuesday, March 24rd. And in the Van Hise lobby (and the School of Human Ecology) on Wednesday, April 1st. Let Tim (your co-pres) know you’re interested by writing him an email at twfrandy@gmail.com.