Swarm and Nest: Week 4

On Tuesday, we went to Educational Sciences to organize, and despite our low post-spring break numbers, our 6 organizers had 12 conversations, in 19 organizer hours. We found 1 new TAA steward, and signed up 4 new members.

For the semester, that makes 25 different organizers, working 119.5 hours, 115 member contacts, 34 new organizers, 50 future activists, and 15 members.

Next week we will be going to Van Hise and SoHE, on Wednesday, April 1st. We’ll meet in the lobby. The following week, on Monday, April 6, we’ll go to Vilas and Humanities.

To meet our semester goals, we’ll need to up our turnout in the next few weeks. We need your help to do this! Let’s make these next two S&Ns the best so far, and help ensure the TAA will be stronger next year than it is now.

Please take a minute, and send an email to Tim to sign up for a 1 or 2 hour shift for one of these days, anytime between 10-4. You’ll be paired with an experienced organizer, and you can learn on the job largely by watching and listening.

The semester’s getting over the hump, and now’s the time to participate in building a stronger TAA!