TAA Signs onto Higher Ed Labor United Vision Platform

At the General Membership Meeting on September 20, 2021, TAA members voted to endorse the Higher Ed Labor United Vision Platform. Higher Ed Labor United is a national coalition of unions organizing to transform higher education. The TAA supports their vision for higher education:

“We envision a future in which higher education is treated and funded as a social good and universal right.

We envision a U.S. higher education system that works for and is led by workers, students, and the communities it serves. We envision a system that secures our nation’s democratic future and serves as a vehicle for addressing inequities.

We envision public and nonprofit private institutions of higher education that prioritize people and the common good over profit and prestige. We envision institutions that redress systemic oppression and pursue equity along lines of race, gender, class, sexuality, nationality, indigeneity, age, (dis)ability, and immigration status for students and higher ed workers across all job categories. We envision institutions that honor the right of all workers to organize a union and collectively bargain, and commit to the fair working conditions crucial to achieving our educational mission.

We envision a higher education labor movement that connects workers across job categories, ranks, systems, states, and sectors. We envision a movement that forms coalitions of and builds democratic power for all

Therefore, as local and statewide higher education unions and ally organizations, we make the following commitments to organize for and win just, equitable system that serves the core public educational mission for which we all strive:

  • Nationwide Action for Federal Government Intervention
  • Nationwide Action to Realign Our Campuses
  • A Unified National Movement”

See PDF of the full Vision Platform: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e8bjmEZzaRY0ET434bpbO-k40vlV6hkK/view?usp=sharing. Visit higheredlaborunited.org or contact higheredlaborunited@gmail.com with questions and comments!