UW Students deliver Valentines to Walker

Press Advisory

February 14, 2011
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More than 1000 members of the UW community and supporters deliver Valentines to
Governor Walker at Capitol in show of support for the university and union workers
Madison, WI — On February 14, more than 1000 members of the UW community and
their supporters converged on the Capitol, filling the Rotunda and surrounding wings, to
deliver valentines to Governor Walker in an effort to halt UW budget cuts.

The Valentine’s Day cards, signed by people all across Wisconsin, called upon
Governor Walker not to cut UW funding in his budget proposal, reading:
“We Heart UW : Governor Walker, Don’t Break My Heart.” They came in the midst of a
larger effort by unionized state workers to protect their collective bargaining rights and
the vitality of their unions.

The gathered community members chanted, “Spread the love, stop the hate; don’t let
Walker legislate,” voicing their united concern for the University of Wisconsin, public
education in general, and public service workers.

Beth Harper of Madison, librarian at the UW said, “This budget bill is not about money;
it’s about breaking unions’ backs, and it’s about breaking the university’s backs. I’m
really glad to see students and university workers out here together.”

Rachel Willson-Broyles of Fall Creek added, “I love Wisconsin, I love going to grad
school here, and I love having an affordable education… This is not the way to cut the
Gov. Walker declined to meet with the students. The Capitol will continue to receive
thousands of constituents, as union members and their supporters arrive for the vote on
the Budget Repair Bill in the coming days.