Your Tuition Is Still Being Waived

This isn’t a “your union kicks ass for winning tuition remission as a benefit of the collective bargaining agreement” or a “let’s go win seg fee remission” kind of post. This is a “you might be getting some news that could freak you out in the way of a tuition bill.”

Don’t worry, your tuition as a grad student is still being waived as part of the contract that covers you as a grad assistant.

Though, yes, your union does kick ass for winning tuition remission through the collective bargaining agreement (something we first won a while back and with which set the standard for all grad employment).

However, more pertinently, the Bursar’s office has made a mistake and accidentally included a billing due date of seg fees (not remitted, unlike tuition) in September. Instead, seg fees need to be paid by October 2nd – this is significant because October 2nd is AFTER your first paycheck. They are working on getting that corrected and letting everyone know that the mistake is on their end – and that grad student workers have nothing to fear. But we wanted to let you know about this too, and let you know that your union has been working on resolving this.

You might have gotten an email on this, but we also wanted to let you know what’s up because a) it’s important and b) it directly impacts you as a grad student worker.

If you have any questions, you can send them to and they will help you out.

Now all that said: Don’t you think that this would be a lot easier for the Bursar’s office, and more importantly, better for all grad student workers, if we had full tuition remission and seg fee remission both?

Well, if we want it, we have to win it – and to win it, we need to organize.