Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions Conference

In our last membership email and update, we spoke of the Alliance of Graduate Employee Local (AGEL) conference and the attendance by a group of TAA activists. AGEL is a grouping of AFT-affiliated graduate workers unions. But beyond AFT locals in the grad labor movement, there are other grad unions affiliated with other unions such as the United Autoworkers (UAW). The AFT and UAW locals, as well as others, both within the United States and Canada, have a grouping called the Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions (CGEU).

Each year, CGEU holds an annual conference with workshops, panels, discussions, and training sessions by and for grad worker union activists. This year, the CGEU conference will be held in Toronto, Canada from July 23-26. As in each budget, the TAA has allocated money for a small group of attendees to go to the CGEU conference.

If you are interested in attending the conference as a representative of the TAA and participating in the conference, please contact Co-Presidents Katie Lindstrom and Peter Rickman by Thursday, July 9th at 5 PM.