Contract Progresses

With recent developments, our 2007-2009 contract appears to be moving forward through the state government processes, one step away from official ratification and implementation.

In the last update for our rank-and-file members, we reported on background information and progress in moving our 2007-2009 contract forward. The state legislature’s Joint Committee on Employment Relations (JoCER, or “joker”) must take up the contract, as forwarded by the Office of State Employment Relations (OSER). We have officially submitted a request to OSER to put forward the contract for legislative ratification, to be considered at the next meeting of JoCER. At this time, the JoCER meeting is not yet scheduled, but we expect that this will take place soon. Further, we expect that when JoCER takes up our contract, we will see final passage of the collective bargaining agreement and subsequent implementation.

Remember, you are eligible for “backpay” if you were in pay status in April of 2009. Make sure that your current contact information is up to date with UW Payroll.

With any questions, please contact either our Co-Presidents, Peter Rickman and Katie Lindstrom, or our Vice President of Bargaining, Kevin Gibbons.