Democratic caucus walks out, budget session stalled

Protests continue on at the Capitol building in Madison where the hundreds who slept here last night are being joined by thousands of their fellow citizens. Democratic state senators left the Capitol this morning in an act of protest against the Budget Repair Bill. At least one democratic senator must be present in order for the session to reach the 20 total required for quorum. At this point, it is not clear whether or not today’s scheduled session will be able to proceed. We stand in solidarity with these Senators and appreciate this courageous act of resistance.

The TAA plans to continue to protest and peacefully occupy the Capitol building. We will stay here for a third night in a continued demonstration of our opposition to this union-busting bill. We encourage all concerned citizens to join us as we stand up for the rights of Wisconsin workers.

For immediate release.

Alex Hanna, 765-404-6996
Kevin Gibbons, 813-466-0952