A call to stop all activity on campus tomorrow

A call to stop all activity on campus tomorrow


The Teaching Assistants’ Association is calling for a “teach out” — for all action on campus tomorrow to cease for a second day. This is a sign of solidarity with our elected representatives who have left the state to protect us from a bill that would quash our democratic rights to collectively bargain, and with the tens of thousands of people from around the state who continue to occupy the Capitol.

We value education and thus we are calling for instructors to use their discretion to cancel classes, reschedule them or hold them off campus. We are calling on action from teaching assistants, research assistants, project assistants and professors.

We realize this is not the strongest action we could call for. We are calling for it because we do not want learning to stop. We are students and teachers, and we are here in Madison because we value learning. We are here in the Capitol because we are concerned about the impacts the bill would have on the quality of teaching and learning at the University of Wisconsin.

For immediate release

Alex Hanna, 765-404-6996
Kevin Gibbons, 813-466-0952