No New Seg Fees! Online Petition

As part of our No New Seg Fees! campaign, we are circulating a petition among UW students. The idea behind the petition is to identify students who will pledge to vote “NO” on the seg fee increase referendum on April 12-14.

We are circulating the petition through a variety of channels. When we are out organizing department-by-department, we will be speaking with grad student workers about the campaign and asking folks to sign. Likewise, as we are tabling and speaking with UW students at-large, we will be asking people to sign. As importantly, to reach as many people as possible, we are circulating an online version of the petition too.

If you support the No New Seg Fees campaign, sign the petition today!

Then, copy the link and send it around to all of your UW friends, classmates, and students. The more people that we reach, the better our likelihood to win on the referendum and stop the hike in seg fees.