No New Seg Fees!

The TAA is building a campaign to get UW students to vote “No” on the seg fee increase referendum on April 12-14. If passed, segregated fees will rise another 10% to pay for $50 million gym at a time when our university struggles to invest in the education functions that make UW great.

We are building the No New Seg Fees! campaign with graduate and undergraduate students alike. When we are successful, we will not only stop another unnecessary and unaffordable hike in seg fees, we will send the message to University leaders that action must be taken on seg fees for all of us. This campaign is part of a longer-term fight by the TAA to take on seg fees and the impact they have on us as grad student workers.

There are lots of ways for you to get involved on the campaign — and it is critical that all of us get involved in some way. The first thing that you should do is it become a fan of “No New Seg Fees!” on Facebook. In less than a week, we’ve added over 100 new fans a day. Become a fan yourself and then invite your fellow grad student workers and fellow UW students to become a fan as well.

Our grassroots “No New Seg Fees!” campaign is contingent upon rank-and-file grad student workers activating around the issue. So, the next thing that you can do is to join us on Tuesday at 5:30 PM at the TAA office for a button-making party. We will have materials for everyone to make their very own “No New Seg Fees!” button to wear in support of the campaign. Folks can also make extra buttons to hand out to friends on campus. We’ll have snacks for all — and as importantly, lots of fellow “No New Seg Fees!” supporters there. Again, 5:30 PM Tuesday, March 16th at the TAA office.

This campaign is about students standing up for students. So we need you to join the campaign to help spread our message of “No New Seg Fees!” We need folks to put up posters, distribute fliers, and speak with grad student workers, graduate students at-large, and undergrads. To get involved on the campaign, click here to let us know how you can be involved — a fellow “No New Seg Fees!” activist will follow up with you.

We have five weeks to organize and win, standing up for ourselves to say “No New Seg Fees!”