Seg Fee Referendum Campaign Meeting Wednesday

At our February 23rd General Membership Meeting, we voted to endorse a “NO” vote on the segregated fee increase referendum. To win on this referendum, we are building a campaign. Last week, at our Stewards’ Council Meeting, we started planning and taking action on our campaign.

This week, we are holding another campaign planning and action meeting of our Stewards’ Council on Wednesday night at the TAA office. The meeting will begin at 5:30 PM. We want you there to help us take next steps in building a strong campaign to win on the referendum. The more people we have involved, the bigger impact our campaign will have, and the better we can fight back against seg fee increases. So join us on Wednesday night as we build the campaign.

If you can be there, RSVP to our Stewards’ Council Co-Chairs, Ari Eisenberg and Katie Weigel.

To sign up to get involved, even if you can’t make the meeting, just let us know you want to join the campaign.