International Students

Can international students join the TAA?

Yes! In the 40-year history of the TAA, no international student has had any problems with the university or with her visa status as a result of her involvement with the union. It is against the law for the university to discriminate against anyone as a result of her union activity, and union activity cannot be taken into account when the INS considers your VISA. The TAA is here to protect and represent you, and is the best resource for you if you run into complications with your job. By getting involved, you can make sure that the TAA can represent the full diversity of the union!

Will my union membership or activity affect visa applications I might make in the future?

No. It is against the law for the Department of Homeland Security to even ask you about your union membership or your legal union activities or to take them into account in considering your visa application.

How can I connect with other international student TAA members?

Join the TAA’s International Student Caucus! To join, contact