Graduate Assistantship Policies and Procedures (GAPP)


Act 10 voided the TAA’s contract with UW-Madison in 2011. You can view text of the 2009 contract here. However, UW’s policy states that the TAA contract governs the employment relationship between graduate workers and the university until a new employment policy is developed:

Although this agreement is no longer in force, the university is continuing to use the terms of the contract until final university policies are adopted.

If you suspect that your rights under the contract have been violated, contact us.

In the spring of 2019, TAs and PAs won a set of policies and procedures for their appointments. These policies, called the Graduate Assistantship Policies and Procedures (GAPP), were negotiated by the TAA’s Bargaining Team. Read more information about the work TAA representatives did to guarantee these procedures for grad workers here.

GAPP outlines the terms of a grad worker’s appointment and their benefits. The full document can be found here. Some of the policies outlined for grad workers include:

  1. Appointment letters must be given for new appointments that outline the duties and expectations of the TA or PA.
  2. All TAs will receive outlines of the hours that they will work before the start of their appointment.
  3. Departments must provide adequate work environments, which may include access to a printer, copier, computer, office/instructional supplies, software necessary for instructional tasks/job duties, a departmental mailbox, personal protective equipment, hazardous chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), and more.
  4. Clean and shielded lactation rooms are available for one year after an employee gives birth.
  5. Tuition is waived.
  6. TAs and PAs are eligible to purchase State Group Health insurance.
  7. Sick leave, family medical leave, and funeral leave are available.

If you believe that your working conditions violate GAPP, the Contract Enforcement Committee is here to help! Contact them using their intake form or by email.

After negotiations had been closed, the university administration cut all other categories of grad workers (RAs, LSAs, hourly workers) out of these policies. The TAA continues to fight for clear and consistent policies for all grad workers!

GAPP in the TAA Archive: