Reading for Fun About Your Vocation

Hopefully you got to spend some of your summer break from academic work with a few good books. Before the academic year begins in earnest and you have lots of reading to do for your work, take a minute to check out a cool blog for insight and commentary from one of the most trenchant observers and critics of the academy.

Marc Bosquet, an academic in California who has been a part of the academic labor movement for quite some time (as a grad and as faculty), and who has a book to his name on the topic of the changed and changing academy, keeps a great blog, “How the University Works.” It’s a great read on the world of which we are a part now as graduate student workers and of which many (if not most) of us will be a part in our future careers.

So for a little reading for pleasure before the reading for work kicks in, check out Marc’s blog here.