Republicans don't have the votes to pass budget repair bill

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Democracy is at work at the state Capitol this morning, where thousands of Wisconsin residents have turned out to tell Governor Scott Walker that we will not accept the governor’s extreme, anti-union bill. Statements issued by some Republicans saying they have the votes to make the bill pass are untrue and, what’s more, are a blatant affront on the democratic hearing currently underway. We are within one vote of killing the bill. The proposal to do this to working families is clearly hard for Democrat and Republican senators alike to swallow. We need everyone to come to the Capitol today to have their voice heard.

Even Senator Mike Ellis, R-Neenah, said he wished there were an alternative to this bill. “We didn’t set this menu,” he told the Associated Press. “The governor did.” We are calling on Ellis and other Republicans to demand that alternative.

And we are calling on all working people of Wisconsin to come to the Capitol to have their voice heard.