Stewards' Council Kickoff!

We will be holding our Stewards’ Council spring semester kickoff meeting on February 8th at 6:30 PM at the TAA office. You’re invited to attend to get involved in the crucial work of our Stewards’ Council this semester as we organize around out contract negotiations, Segregated Fees, and building our union.

Not a “steward”? No problem. “Steward” in the TAA is more like a term of art, not science. “Stewards” build and ensure the continued strength of our union across campus. In the past, “steward” has meant a singular person by department. But now, we are approaching this more ecumenically, with “stewards” being the activist-leaders for the union.

The kickoff is going to be a great event — not quite a meeting, not quite a party. We’re going to plug into the work of the union for the spring semester on our organizing projects. We’re going to make decisions on particular pieces in the framework of our organizing plan. We’re going to get to know one another better and have a good time doing it. And yes, we’re going to have food and beverage for all.

The Kickoff itself will start at 6:30 PM. But at 6 PM, we’ll do a run-through of what went down at our TAA Leadership Retreat from two weeks ago. We’ll serve food at 6 PM as we cover the material from the retreat.

We want everyone who’s been involved in the union, or is interested in getting involved, to be there. Make sure to let us know that you’ll be there. RSVP to our Stewards’ Council Co-Chairs Ari Eisenberg and Katie Weigel or be in touch with them if you have any questions.