TAA In the (Union Labor) News

As many of you know, recent action by Wisconsin’s state legislature extended to research assistants collective bargaining rights. As you all definitely know, teaching and project assistants have enjoyed this basic labor right for decades. Further, faculty and academic staff in the UW System now will also have the right to organize a union and bargain collectively.

The current edition of Union Labor News, the newspaper of our local labor council, the South Central Federation of Labor, has a story on these recent developments. The piece includes quotations from one of our Co-Presidents.

Take a look at the story on collective bargaining rights for all academic workers and let us know any thoughts or questions that you have.

The prospect of a “wall-to-wall” union of all graduate assistants is exciting for all of us indeed. A union of all graduate assistants means higher standards in the way we are treated, pay and benefits, and as important as anything, the quality of the University. Just as unionism is a statement that we are stronger together and that we achieve more for everyone collectively, unionism for all graduate assistants means better academic and workplace lives for each and every one of us, teaching, project, and research assistants alike.

We will have more on this topic as it develops.