TAA Political Platform

From a previous entry here on our website:

The democratic political process impacts us tremendously. So we must impact it.

Political action is one of the most important ways that our union advances our interests, our agenda, and our well-being. Our political program is the way we do it.

The intersections of the union and politics are many and multi-faceted (and why we don’t just mean “elections” and “lobbying” when we say “politics”). That’s why the work of our Political Education Committee (PEC, or “peck”) is important.

PEC is working on a few critical projects this year. One of those projects is revising our old political platform. The platform is a statement of our principles and values in the broad realm of “politics.” It’s also a document that can and should guide how we decide to organize and mobilize in the political arena. In short, the political platform is really important for a strong Political Education Committee and a strong union.

This year, we are going to work to develop and build our political platform through a big, intra-union democratic project. The idea is to have as many members contribute ideas for the platform on the issues and its construction. We’ll plan on doing this in a number of steps, all of which leading toward crafting a final platform by the end of the spring semester.

So if you’re interested in being a part of creating our statement of political values, principles, and ideas, let our PEC leaders know, emailing PEC chair Peter Rickman and political platform lead Jason Tatum.