COVID-19 Letter

COVID-19 Letter to University Administration


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– UPDATE: Over 1,330 of your colleagues signed! –

On March 30 we sent the first batch of 900 signatures to University administrators. Late that evening, Dean William Karpus sent a disappointing and largely uninformative response. You can read his response–and how we plan to continue to advocate for our community–HERE.

Dear Chancellor Blank, Dean Karpus, and Administrative Officials at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,

We are grateful for your swift and effective response to the unprecedented COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. The pivot to online instruction and virtual Commencement will save lives, and clear and consistent communication from your offices has helped us adapt to this new world.

However, we are anxious about the many uncertainties that remain–and fear for our colleagues and peers who have been left behind by gaps in University policy. This crisis does not merely affect teaching and learning; it upends the livelihood of many in our community.

Our union is flooded with messages from graduate student workers who fear that they will be unable to afford rent or groceries in the coming weeks, much less work toward their dissertation or devote sufficient time to their teaching or pioneering research. Fellow Badgers pursuing graduate degrees have been laid off from second or third jobs, have spouses who have lost all income, or have family members in dire need of support. Many have rent checks due in one week and segregated fees due a few days after that. What we need now is robust, compassionate university-wide policy that alleviates these very real concerns.

We ask that you commit to the policies below. These are modeled on similar demands proffered at other universities, including Indiana University, Harvard, and Purdue. 


  • Provide immediate relief of mandatory fees (segregated fees and the International Student fee) for all graduate and undergraduate students. Given the hardship imposed by the pandemic, all students should have these fees waived for the Spring 2020 semester. Graduate employees should have them waived as part of their employee compensation package. Fees for those who have already paid this semester should be reimbursed, in full, to provide relief and support from strained financial burden due especially to the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • Maintain full pay for all hourly employees (graduate and undergraduate) for the shifts for which they are typically scheduled through the end of the semester. All employees are deserving of full pay. These positions have already been budgeted for and would not require additional funds to maintain. It is unjust to pay some working members of our community and not others. 


  • Issue a rent moratorium for University Apartments (Eagle Heights, University Houses, Harvey Street Apartments) through the beginning of the Fall 2020 term.


  • In keeping with requests articulated by other students, change the last day for all students – undergraduate, graduate, professional, and others who may have been unintentionally omitted – to withdraw from a course to the last day of the semester, May 1st, 2020.
  • Make all courses Pass/Fail for Spring 2020 to alleviate the burden on students, lecturers, and TAs adjusting to a new method of course delivery. And ensure that graduate students will receive graduate-level course credit for these courses once they are pass/fail.


  • Provide funding for telehealth consultations and remote mental health appointments with out-of-state providers for students who have left Wisconsin (either by University order or due to personal need) and do not have out-of-state benefits.

The TAA has set up a Mutual Aid Fund to provide no-questions-asked cash transfers to graduate students in need, but this fund will simply not be sufficient. We ask that university administrators continue to act decisively and communicate their decisions regarding these issues, or their plans to address them, to students and employees before March 31st.


The Teaching Assistants’ Association, AFT Local 3220

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As of April 2, 2020:

Kase Wheatley
Tracy Campbell
Cameron Casey
Aida Arosoaie
Alyson Douglas
Maryam Ladoni
Seungyop Shin
Kendall Hall
Francisco Ley
Melissa Morris
Andrew Nine
Aaron Lopez
Rachel Johnson
Parimah Yarahmadi
Kathleen Thompson
Rachel D Stewart
Marie Fiori
Sarah Dance
Colin Keating
Garret Zastoupil
Prerna Rana
Jiarong Gao
Ira Hafer
Megan Zahay
Maura Snyder
Fangjing Tu
Alexi Brooks
Trisha Chada
Zoua Lor
Jessica Cozart, MS
Rachel Dyer
Gabriella Gaus
Anthony Flynn
Aaron Stumpf
Jessica G Perez Chávez
Kathryn Thomas
Nancy Herrera
Wing Ng
Na Lynch-Shaw
Anna C. Pederson
Anna Kawennison Fetter, EdM
Hannah Glenn
Prayas Kumar Sutar
Greg Bartley
Jess Mullen
Anshika Bhasin
Geetanjali Deole
Jaime Lam
Sergio Domínguez, Jr.
Hilary Emerson
Tyler Rowe
Jinmeng Rao
Xinyi Liu
Tamara Polyakova
Shalini Chakraborty
Caitlin Short
Niklous Koehler
Melissa Azari
Nora Rinehart
Hassnaa Mohammed
Emad Sadeghi
Maedeh Hemmat
Manisha Jain
Erin Adams
Minhtuyen Mai
Mai Neng Vang
Keith McNamara
Dahlia Gonzalez
Miranda Zahn
Katherine E Norman
Abhimanyu Kulkarni
Ishan Yelurwar
Ashley Hou
Jonathan Snodgrass
Kyle Daruwalla
Saman Cyrus
Amelia Berendt
Doron Darnov
Kyle Smith
Robert T Collins
Jon Isaac
amanda pratt
Virginia Schwarz
Caroline Hensley
Liam Kruger
Thomas Van Camp
Kathryn Prottengeier
Hilal Kasikci
Ola Oladipo
Jacqueline Krass
James Warwood
Miranda Alksnis
Ryan Holley
Orion Risk
Sara Thomas
Aaryn M. Smith
Iseult Gillespie
Andrew Thomas
Benjamin Klug
Paul Epland
Nolan D. Amon
Jeremy Hemberger
Vicky Lason
Hanna McIntosh
Jade Kochanski
Anna Skye Harnsberger
Yunyi Shen
Lauren Surovi
Jacky Ebelabena
Cara Torres
Alyssa Pollock
Alessandro Martina
Irene Hatzopoulos
Liz Fansler
Katka Showers-Curtis
Nicholas Santistevan
Lauren Gerlowski
Sameera Ibrahim
Erin Clancy
Shannon Dillard
Danya Al-Saleh
Chase Kasmerchak
Ruth Trumble
Elsa Noterman
Wanjing (Kelly) Chen
Chris Keeve
Anika Rice
Chenxiao (Atlas) Guo
Meghan Kelly
Elliot Vaughan
Jules Reynolds
Yuhao Kang
Emily Diaz
Rebecca Rose
Carsten Haas
Cecil Leigh Wilson
Brandy E. Wilcox
Julia Anderle de Sylor
Ilona Sotnikova
Brian Kilgour
Richelle Wilson
Carson Fish
Holly McArthur
Alayna Bruney
Jesse Kruschke
Megan Kennedy
Nicholas R. Zeller
Samm Newton
John Tobin
Ethell Gershengorin
Emma Wathen
Ayanna Drakos
Ezra Gerard
Collin Bernard
Dustin Cohan
Joshua Doyle-Raso
Robert Christl
Bailey Albrecht
Erin Faigin
Khine Thant Su
Jeffrey C. Guarneri
Abigail Corcoran
Kilian Harrer
Jennifer Gramer
Isaac Lee
Travis Weisse
Aijie Shi
Mohammad Ataie
Svea Larson
Marielal Quesada Centeno
Lucretia Fairchild
Alexandra Barringer
Jennifer Wirth
Amanda Lockett
Laura Killingsworth
Olivia Cope
Savannah Bartel
Ben Iuliano
Alyse Maksimoski
Taylor Tai
Umair Khan
Umair Khan
Claire Mason
Holly Berkowitz
Lily Shell
Anna Gebarski
Rini Tarafder
Joshua Kelly
Angel Tang
Stephanie Zalewski
Amy Sampson
Jessica Madey
Morgan Wentworth
Charlotte Von De Bur
Alex Sharfman
Katie Killian
Rommel Jimenez
Kathleen Cawley
Ashley Bellet
Gryffin loya
Josephine Lukito
Jake Elfner
Brian Gnojek
Sarah Osborn
Alexandra Knorr
Erik Thulien
Nathaniel Haack
Johannes Dreisbach
Jacob Ginn
Ayal Weiner-Kaplow
Charles Pratt
Anna Barry
Genevieve Caffrey
Chalisa Sims
Nova Tebbe
Diana Pavon
Alireza Aghayee
Daniel Levitin
Dean Chen
Mohamed Abou Dbai
Yaning Wang
mehrdad zareh bannad kouki
Mohammad Ali Ansari
Qi Yao
Ava Shadmani
Fabio Saggin
Alex Chambers-Ozasky
Rachel Reese
Kaleigh Acord
Julia Urbank
Meredith Nesbitt
Sophia Winkler-Schor
Nicholas Hoffman
Chelsey Willetts
Naomi Louchouarn
Jessica Turner
Elias Wilz
Courtney Botelho
Elizabeth Berg
Marlyssa Crow
Saida Chacon Cedillo
Ryan Geygan
Allison Rogers
Lisa Charron
Barbara Decre
Ryan Hellenbrand
Jiaqi Lu
Inca Dieterich
Lizzi Holland
Anjani Chakrala
Lauren English
Lauryn Campagnoli
Haylee Hamilton
Grace C George
Sue Yi
Kaitlyn Marino
Madeline Hass
Jonathon VandenHombergh
Emma Prendergast
Amanda Adie
Michael Schon
Hunter Gentry
Andi Sirokman
Katie Deaven
Aaron Yarmel
Lukas Myers
Mason Peck
Cameron Kuchta
Jaglul Hasan
Susmita Mondal
Adrian Fraser
Sarah McCarthy
Sarah Mancina
Alex Pizzuto
Leslie Taylor
Susan Sorensen
Michael Cervia
Ekmel Ercan
Abigail Shearrow
Brent Mode
Tuan Pham
Rachel Sassella
Jacob Scott
Anagha Aravind
Anna Oltman
Lisa de Sousa Dias
Anna Meier
Shaan Amin
Michael DeCrescenzo
Kaden Paulson-Smith
Laura Felone
Yumi Park
Thomas Worth
Ye June Jung
David Bates
José Luis Enríquez Chiñas
Xinzhi Zhao
Jessica K Howsam
Jingyuan Qian
David Mallinson
Beini Lyu
Rachel Puralewski
Mohan Ji
Nataly Ibarra
Patrick K Monari
Megan Fitzpatrick
Yixuan Cheng
Neha Pant
muhammad shayan
Megan Ramirez
Hayden Eric Godfrey
Ying Yang Youa Xiong
Allison Hellenbrand
Jing Liu
Zachary Pulse
Aracely Becerra
Ryan Goble
Sandra Descourtis
Graham Findlay
Sakara Wages
Olivia Orencia
Katie Zaman
Jaclyn Wypler
Matthew J. Zinsli
Annaliese Grant
Courtney Deisch
Taylor Laemmli
Sadie Dempsey
Chan Yuen Yung Sherry
Nona Gronert
Isabel Anadon
Geoff Cureton
Jorge Fernandez Cienfuegos
Jamie de Moya-Cotter
Gloria Morales Osorio
Zoua Vang
David Koser
Divya Jain
Shreyans Sadangi
Alejandra Canales
Abigail Buta
Alicia Iverson
Manpreet Kaur
Mehar Patel
Corie Marshall
Kennia Coronado
Cayla Leikin
John Crandall
Sophia Strietholt
Dongxu Pan
Benjamin Harpt
Olivia Ernst
Rod Abhari
Samantha Garlock
Jude Wasserman
Zachary Preucil
Cora Allen-Coleman
Molly Mattaini
Lanston Hau Man Chu
Wei Wang
Lucas Urbain
Nikaan Koupaei
Chen-Hsun Chan
Renee Kramer
Julia Carlson
Alicia Barceinas
Kenneth Nieser
Sarah Keller
Kaitlin Younger
Jimmy T. Camacho
Michael Howe
Brigid Nannenhorn
Fiona Weeks
Melissa Marver
Zach Rewinski
Andrew Horvat
Andie Barrow
Tia Murray
Colin Connors
Sabrina Manero
Kyle Swenson
Chance P. McMahon
Zoë Brooke Zibton
Jenna Hyde
Pedro Oviedo
Steph Kubala
Angela Ablaberdieva
Lance St. Laurent
Tianen Chen
Raamis Hussain
Bindesh Tripathi
Shri Shruthi Shridhar
Adam Lieberman
Ulrike Haug
Maynie Bradley
Catherine Carey
Chong Moua
Molly Roberts
Travis Moore
Ariel Robinson
Lauren Lauter
min hee kim
Sarah Souders
Jill Richardson
Joshua Kelly
Ben Power
Hridindu Roychowdhury
Nguyen Vuong
Kangli Li
Lauren Kelly
Lindsey Block
Jayer Adrian Fernandes
Nicole Carrion Vaughn
Emma Cleveland
Claire Holesovsky
Olivia Riley
Talia Tao
Joseph McDonald
Vicky Knoke
Andy El-Zayaty
Scout Umnus
Lauren P Scanlon
Bridget McFarland
Kevin Rymut
Alisa Maas
Emily King
Gabrielle Mistretta
Rebecca Salamon
Harley Emberson
Christopher Pierren
Kyle Klassy
Afag Rizayeva
Aaron Ward
Khadejah Ray
Natalia Spitha
Ryan Brown
Taylor Dorlack
Shuka Konishi
Sinan Yavuz
Allison Foy
Lucas Klemm
Colleen Larsen
Rui Meng
Steve Jones
Peter Roth
Grace Shea
Emily Mixon
Ashley Smith-Purviance
Kevin Gaffney
Ben Mohlke
Sebastian Kelnhofer-Maldonado
Adam S Hayes
Alex Chew
Jalessa Bryant
Kimberly Rosenthal
Anita Sinha
Stanford Mitchell
Sophia Dodge
Joshua Pulsipher
Srinath Subramanian
Andrea Fowler
Lokeswar Sadasivuni
Nicholas Montalbano
Jungmyung Kim
Akhilesh Soni
James Schneider
Dylan Whitaker
Lisa Grulke
Hiba Jalloul
Vinay Patil
Taylor Weary
Brittany Bowman
Peter Ramand
Kate Bakhuizen
Beth Rades
Luis Torres
Erik Katovich
Amanda Lauricella
Megan Skoyen
Tiffany Heaster
Sossou Adjisse
Bradley T. Vowels
Bridgette Stoeckel
Ibrahim Safa
Priscila M Naula
Kira Surber
Nathan T Stevens
Xinyi Wang
William Justin Taylor
Megan Ryan
Yu Ding
Anne Sledd
Alexandria Viegut
Caitlin Mayer
Caitlin Tyler-Richards
Rachelle Turnier
Gaurav Doshi
Lindsay Ehrisman
Linda Pheng
Dalton McLean
Tu Cao
Margaret Jameson
Isaac Sung
April Peterson
Micah Detweiler
Michael Speorl
Kate Gonzalez
Jeongki Lee
Hubert Marciniec
Felipe de Andrade Faleco
Xiating Ouyang
Virginia Pszczolkowski
Elliott J
Joshua Shelley
Mason Johnson
Kimberly Oamek
Alex Leme
Gaylen Fronk
Tyler Gibson
Pravleen Bajwa
Sam Craven
Joshua Oppor
Jennifer Stitt
Woojong Lee
Young Kim
Erin Weisenhorn
Tolu Akinwole
Rusty A. Stough
Ana Hidalgo
Ankur Goswami
Josiah Stork
Cristopher Font-Santiago
Kyusic Park
michael feinberg
Harry Hausner
Glenn Alan Poole
Makayla Hawbaker
LauraLee Brott
Jordan Brown
Taylor L. Watterson
Mollie K. Ulm
Diana Madrigal
Amanda Hardie
Sarah Odell
Alicia Iverson
Suraj Suri
Simone Doing
Amelia Cuarenta
Hyejin Yeon
Robert Jesse Pruett
Dillon Mitchell
Emi Frerichs
Samuel Marks
Nayela Zeba
Nana Kim
John Fogg
Malaika Sylva Beverly Baxa
Blake Mason
Xingjian Zhen
Huixian Li
Kaylee McDonald
Megan morrison
Tejas Bhojraj
Alee Hill
Aaditya Chandrasekhar
Kyaw Tun
Lindsey Zblewski
Lin Li
Franklin Hobbs
Hadley Cooney
Melody Sain
Sofia Kozidis
Matthew Vivirito
Kerem Morgul
Chrissy Widmayer
Gabrielle Hernandez
Tom Bader
Katherine Jiang
Claire Kilgore
Peter Meyer
Sean Chung
Rebecca Haber
Nicole Bennett
Jackson Holzberg Buckley
Sheamus Cavanaugh
Zachary Kemmerer
Noah Van Der Weide
Gilbert Loiseau
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Megan Nieszala
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Colin Whisler
Madison Youngblom
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Tara Wedel
Max Bacharach
Kelsey Collin
David Fastovich
Harshit Agarwal
Linda Orie
Alexander Siy
Christopher Cañete Rodriguez Kelly
Sidney Dicke
Lindsey Kahler
Michaela Murphy
Ahmed Abdelazim
Evan Flietner
Zijun Ma
Ahtesham Ullah Khan
Amelia Baltes
Willa Mihalyi-Koch
Nicole Kuha
Kandyce Anderson Amie
Eamon Winden
Leah Turner
Tyler Tullis
Kendall Barrett
Roger Daley
Rachel Jordan
Jad Salman
Elinor Hayden
Alexander Kaeck
Yuting Lan
Reed Kolany
Angelica Euseary
Daniel Bushe
Brianna Ralston
Juniper Lewis
Diane Mayerfeld
Noah Hirschl
Chris Magnano
Hannah Christian
Bailey Curie
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Yanwen Wu
Sneha Chandrika Chavali
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Hayley Whitson
Andres Pertierra
Laura Borth
Hollie Blum
Kartik Sreenivasan
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Beth Klein
Hayley Severson
Kennia Coronado
Neeranooch Malangpoo
Bayley J Waters
Debayan De Bakshi
Brittany M. Johnson
Keegan Smith-Nichols
Serena Zhao
Bijit Khadka
Landon Falke
Megan Dowdle
Laura Martinelli
Katie Barofssky
Alexis Econie
Kelly Chew
Seth Davis
Stephen Chandler
Ricardo Vidrio
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Gracie McDermott
John Vito Binzak
Benton Anderson
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Natalie Weill
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Anna Heffron
Matthew Dalphin
Yair Kaldor
Nikhil Tiwari
Ranza Veltri Torres
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Hugh Roland
Emma Binder
Royce Novak
Muhammad M. Khalifa
Dylan Bacon
DeElegant Robinson
Matthew Blackburn
Edward Frame
Nicholas Nelson
Mark T. Cadena
Robert Moskwa
Haley Ingersoll
Rajula Srivastava
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Roshan Xavier Norman
Annie Soyean Lee
Olivia Harwood
Hannah Schelb
Destinee Siebe
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ada wofford
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Dr. Carl M Sack
Arveen Kaur
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Sara Gia Trongone
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Christopher Unterberger
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Kathryn S Szombatfalvy
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Amanda Friz
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Meg Carroll
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Alexandra Barber
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Zachary Zalewski
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Shannon Walsh
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Hannah Wagner
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Katelyn Sabelko
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Aabhas Singh
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Samantha Harrow
Rachel Byington
Noel Ash
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Huimin Wang
Laura Friedman
Charnell Long
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Karen Hill
Bonyan Qudah
Nadeen Alshakhshir
Burcu Alapala
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Brittany Gregory
Katie Lawlor
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Kelly Gregus
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Jordi Tomeu Francis Clar
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Eleni Schirmer
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Ujaan Ghosh
Stephanie VanRiper
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Cara Damico Smith
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Tolgonai Sopukeeva
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Shahana Munazir
Angela M Wellman
Lillilotte Kohler-Busch
Sierra Helena Kailea Saplan
Oindrila Chattopadhyay
Marcus Algernon Jackson
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Caitlin Brecklin
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Katherine Terry
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Julie Gocey
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Tyler Wintermute
Saliha Selman
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Katherine Charton
Nathan T Stevens
Riley Petersen
Ethan Lindblom
Alex Mikulas
Ian Kpachavi
Mariam Sabaaalazab
Bree Romero
Sarah Tate
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Melissa Hopkins
Rebeca Jefferson
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Nicholas Kryshak
Edna A Trujillo
Thomas M Kuborn
Katelyn Michael
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Lowell Harwell
Andrea Oranday
Nick Smith
Kelly McClurg
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Adeline Lennon
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Louis Bailly-Salins
Esther Cho
Oliver Gruebel
Addison Nace
Will Mayner
Nicholas Reed
Leah Steuer
TJ Hinds
Austin Carr